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Program Updates

The Maryland Center at Bowie State University, the Maryland Digital Transformation Center (MDTC) is a subcontractor to Cognosante on the Veterans Administration Project HELM. The VA  Healthcare Environment and Logistics Management (HELM) project processing team is comprised of 12 BSU students across BSU Colleges and four BSU professors in the Department of Technology and Security (DTS), supporting the following sub product lines: 

  • Procurement & Logistics, 
  • Supplies & Equipment, 
  • Intake Process, 
  • Zero Trust Initiatives.

The Maryland Center continues the implementation of the Education Innovation Initiative at Drew Freeman Middle School, located in Suitland, Maryland. The emphasis remains on informal learning strategies for Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) for afterschool programs. Other activities include professional development for school and MCBSU staff, parent engagement, student education in the prevention of alcohol tobacco and other drug use, English as a second language (ESOL) and training in government certifications. 


  • Students received training in A Plus Certification–Comp TIA IT 
  • Students produced a video on the harms of Juuling, which was featured at the Out-of-School Time National Conference. 

Sponsored by JPL Education Resources & Programs NASA Jet Propulsion program, designed to explore education activities, lessons, plus internship opportunities, BSU staff in the Department of Technology and Security, installed software in computing devices to simulate a ground station and satellite. Students then examined the Fprime satellite software for vulnerabilities. Student discoveries are considered for patents.

In this effort, MCBSU is a subcontractor to LAYC. Staff provides an informal learning environment for students participating the in the LAYC Summer Youth Program to advance STEM learning. Sponsored by MSDE, this program seeks to provide a curriculum in STEM education that is tailored to underserved communities. The emphasis is to implement and scale equitable, high quality STEM education regardless of background.-to ensure their 21st Century career readiness and global competitiveness.   

  • BSU Students serve as mentors. 

Literacy Enhancement and Achievement Program for COVID Cares 

Sponsored by the Office of Minority Health (OMH), MCBSU is a subcontractor to the Prince George’s County Health Department. Project LEAP is designed to advance COVID literacy in underserved communities in Prince George’s County. Maryland Center activities on this project include the following: 

Oversee Mini-grants 

  • Award Mini-grants/Conduct Fiscal Oversight 
  • Monitor progress, including staff completion of health literacy training/dissemination of social marketing materials 
  • Perform quality assurance and improvement activities with vendors as needed in the event of performance issues 

Overall Evaluation Management & Reporting Activities 

  • Participate in OMH Evaluation technical assistance activities including attending the TA/Training Grantee Meeting 
  • Submit monthly financial reports on the 10th of each month 
  • Participate in OMH Calls and Internal Project evaluation and other meeting calls 

Prince George’s LEAP Advisory Council 

  • Convene the council which consists of the leadership among Prince George’s County Health Providers.   


  • MCBSU Awarded 600K in Community Mini-grant to Prince George’s County Community-Based Organizations 
  • Designated Dr. Charles Adams as Chair to the Advisory Council 


Prince George’s County Youth Empowerment Center 

The Center trained 22 BSU student/staff, and Prince George’s County employees in Youth Mental Health First Aid and created a brand-new curriculum for Prince George’s County high school students with a focus on mental health communication. Specific emphasis is on the ability to communicate with peers, and appropriate emotional release. The curriculum is ready to be piloted and will address student mental health concerns, peer advocacy, and communication.    


  • Establishment of a MCBSU Youth Advisory Board. 

Prince George’s County Tobacco Control 

This marks the 22nd year as a contractor to the Tobacco Control Division of the Prince George’s County Health Department. Over the past 22 years, MCBSU has provided more than 15 million dollars in mini-grants designed to provide cessation services, tobacco prevention and education to underserved communities. In addition, the Center has hosted an annual leadership training of Prince George’s County high school students. 

Lumina/Annie E. Casey 

The Maryland Center is working in collaboration with the BSU College of Business to support the first-year effort in developing a curriculum for the proposed new master’s degree in philanthropy in non-profit management. 


  • Developed the six required courses to establish at master’s degree in philanthropy and nonprofit management. 

Prince George’s County Public Schools Summer Program 

Forty-six Prince George’s County middle/high school students participated in a virtual 4-week Artificial Intelligence and data science program designed to instruct students on C-programming, AI, and Arduino. Students created a STEM lingo kit implementing AI, C-programming and Arduino to create a backend sensor for a Tesla vehicle.   

Students also learned the fundamentals of Block chain, Bitcoin and Cybersecurity, gamming and the utilization of the Canva presentation tool. 

Booz Allen Hamilton and Core Strategy Corporation 

BSU College of Business Students participated in a software testing project with subject matter experts from Core Strategy, a protégé company to Booz Allen Hamilton. Students learned to develop and document test cases, record test results, and provide updates at sprint meetings. 

This spring semester (2023), students will continue their work with Booz Allen/Core Strategy to develop a marketing campaign. During this phase of the project, students will work with the Communications Department. 

Raytheon EED-3 Contract 

MCBSU is a subcontractor to BSU on the NASA Earth Observing Data and Information System (EOSDIS) Evolution and Development (EED-3) contract to Raytheon. The purpose of this contract is to acquire services for the continued improvement, reliability, availability, functionality, operability, and performance of hardware, software, and cloud-based systems within the EOSDIS that provide science data management for the Earth Science Data and Information System Project within the Earth Science Division of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate. 

  • The Maryland Center will begin the second year of providing staff augmentation under the EED-3 contract.  There are currently two FTEs.